Libra and FATF vs. StAbLeCoInS - Bitcoin, Briefly

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Libbitcoin is governed in a similar fashion but with lead developer Eric Voskuil as its moderator. The important thing, however, is that governance of Bitcoin implementations — including Bitcoin Core — is fundamentally distinct from governance of Bitcoin itself. Whatever code change Bitcoin developers adopt and release really only exists as a series of ones and zeros hosted on websites ... For better or worse, bitcoin is now on the global political stage. It was discussed in Congress. Donald Trump slammed bitcoin on Twitter. The Treasury Secretary called cryptocurrencies a national security threat, and the chairman of the Federal Reserve urged caution. Meanwhile, India just proposed an all-out ban on bitcoin while China scrambles to create Read more... 📈 Binance has been on a tear lately, ... 🌙 Bitcoin educator, Justin Moon, joins Tales From The Crypt to chat about his education bootcamps, open-source hardware wallets, hardware wallet interaction scripts / interoperability, and more. 🔮 Eric Voskuil of Libbitcoin debunks The Hybrid Mining Fallacy - the theory that a combination of proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) mining ... CZ understands perfectly what Bitcoin is. He knows that btc mining is centralised if it was not centralised the discussion about a rollback would never have happened. 3 mining pools where ready to rollback btc and the idea was conceived by a few btc core developers so one centralised exchange could get their money back. All btc maxi arguments are now null and void. Your superior Bitcoin is ... He joins me for a discussion about bitcoin privacy, why he does this under a pseudonym, contributing in the Bitcoin space, Blockstream’s Liquid network and more. 6102 Bitcoin links: Twitter: @6102bitcoin Website: Bitcoin taint infographic Sven article Stop Calling for a Free Market in Money Sponsor links: Swan Bitcoin ... Toximalistisches Infotainment für bullishe Bitcoiner! Bitcoin, und sonst nichts. Einmal die Woche sitzen wir zusammen und besprechen die aktuellen Geschehnisse in Bitcoin und der Welt. Die News der Woche, zusätzlich Interviews und die besten Artikel als Lesestunde. Außerdem erfährst du in "Der Weg" wie andere Leute zu Bitcoin gekommen sind. ‘Bitcoin Always Needed More Than One Body of Developers’: An Interview With Libbitcoin’s Eric Voskuil The long-lasting block size dispute and the recent introduction of several new Bitcoin implementations highlighted that not all Bitcoin nodes apply the exact same rule – and, perhaps more important, that not all development teams apply similar policies when it comes to implementing ... In Voskuil’s view, shortcuts have been taken in order to implement more user-friendly bitcoin wallets. Some of these shortcuts have created new problems, and Voskuil specifically pointed to the issue of bloom filters, which are used in SPV wallets. The next few years will be a very big deal for Bitcoin’s future. Governments will soon realize that Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere, which leaves them with a decision – to fight back or regulate. To read the full theory by Voskuil, visit Github. Presently, a single Bitcoin is worth $9,494.12, dropping by over 6% in the last 24 hours. Voskuil contradicted the theory that Bitcoin would eventually lead to an economy that will take away the taxation authority from the hands of the government. Voskuil explained that Bitcoin adoption has to go through rigorous regulations and if it becomes a tax burden on governments, they can simply label it as illegal.

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